January 06, 2013:

Online WWI 1/32 Contest:

We want to celebrate the long awaited Wingnut Wings release of the 1/32 Fokker D.VII. So, we are having an Online Contest.




January 20, 2008:

It's been a while but it was worth the wait. Charles Landrum's 5th and final installment of Trumpeter's 1/350 USS Arizona on-line-build. Click here to start at part one.

September 23, 2007:

Another great build and review from Joe Frazier. This time it's  Accurate Miniatures 1/48 Vought SB2U-3 Vindicator. Joe finished his in early 1942 U.S. Marine blue-grey camouflage. Thanks Again Joe.

August 26, 2007:

Classic Airframes 1/48 Boulton Paul Defiant is built and reviewed by Joe Frazier. "One of the lesser known, but nonetheless significant aircraft of the Battle of Britain...". Excellent job Joe!

May 13, 2007:

Geeks rejoice! Here's the AMT/Ertl Darth Vade's TIE FIGHTER by Tony Bell. Thanks Tony. Great job!


February 18, 2007:

Now for for something completely useful! Steve Jantscher and Mike O'Hare review JLC Universal Modeling Tools - Ultra Fine Razor. This is one of those "how did I model without it?!?" tools. Thanks guys!

November 24, 2006:

Here's another great build/review from Tony Bell. Check out his fantastic 1/48 Accurate Miniatures North American B-25 Mitchell! He updated the AM B-25B to a "C" version and dressed it up with a really cool paint scheme. Much obliged partner!

August 13, 2006:

Tony Bell did a great job with his 1/48 Tamiya Heinkel He162 A-2 "Salamander"! This "ultra-quick OOB build" looks impressive and is IPMS compliant. The finish on the ejection seat leather cushion is fantastic. Nice going Tony!

July 4, 2006:

Tony Bell is back with his remarkable 1/48 Tamiya F4U-1A Corsair! As usual, his model looks great and he shares some interesting finishing techniques. Thanks and great job, Tony!

June 11, 2006:

Joe Frazier from Fort Worth (,TX I assume) sent us a great review and pictures of his excellent 1/48 Hasegawa Curtiss P-40E in a Flying Tigers scheme. Thanks Joe! Looking forward to you next article.

April 30, 2006:

Ship fan or not, you're gonna love Charles Landrum's fourth installment of his on-line-build of Trumpeter's 1/350 USS Arizona. Great pictures, great detail, great job! Click here to start at part one.


Neville Lord gives us the latest on Dragon's 1/35th Tiger 1 Late Production (3 in 1). Holy Toledo! This kit has it all! Take a look!




Steve Cox take on HR Model's 1/72

scale Pfalz E.V in resin and comes out a winner with this fine model. Great job Steve!



Neville Lord also has a great book review of US Army Tank Crewman 1941-45 by Steven Zaloga and published by Osprey as part of their Warrior series. Thanks Neville!




January 29, 2006:

Fernando Rolandelli combined the Aeroclub F.21 Conversion, the Academy Spitfire MK.XIVC, and Eduard photo etch to get a great 1/48 Supermarine Spitfire F. Mk XIVc.


Here's another great build review from Mike Grant. This time he built the Hasegawa 1/48 Macchi MC.202. Ever wanted to build the 202 but didn't want to futz around with the 'smoke ring' camo? Well Mike's got the solution. Check it out!

January 21, 2006:

Now for something completely awesome! Mike Grant sent us a build review of his award winning Revell-Monogram 1/48 B-17G Flying Fortress. Mike did an excellent job throughout. Check out that interior. Holy Toledo!

January 7, 2006:

Check out Scott Taylor's build review of the DML 1/72 Tiger I Sd.Kfz. 181 Ausf. E Late Production w/Zimmerit. Scott did a great job of covering all aspects of this kit. Good going!

Fernando Rolandelli sent us a build review of those awesome Eduard 1/48 P-39/P400 kits. He has one kit in  USAAF livery and the other in French. Thanks Fernando!


December 21, 2005:

WOW! Kevin Batterman comes through with three great book reviews! Thanks Kevin!

The first is Bristol Beaufighter by Jerry Scutts and published by Crowood Aviation Series.



The second is Douglas Havoc and Boston: The DB-7/A-20 Series  by Scott Thompson. Also published by Crowood Aviation Series.



And the third one is 421 NFS 1943-1947 by Andre R.

Zbiegniewski from Kagero Aircraft Books # 31




October 05, 2005:

Newcomer Gary Chapman sent us a review of the Italeri 1/72 Sd. Kfz. 232 6-Rad. A must have for for 72nd WWII German armor fans!


September 11, 2005:

Joe Frazier has built the Minicraft 1/48 Grumman XF5F-1 Skyrocket in the attractive pre-war Navy scheme. Great looking build!

Mike O'Hare has built another one of those sweet F-16's. Here is his Revell of Germany 1/72 F-16C Block 50 in Greek service.

August 24, 2005:

Gentleman Joe Frazier has sent us a review of the 1/48 Czech Models Curtiss A-8 Shrike. As the owner of several Czech Model kits, I can tell you that this was a very difficult build! Enjoy...

August 7, 2005:

I will not be able to post any updates this week. I have a LOT of problems at work right now, plus this week features my Son's birthday, my wife's birthday as well as our anniversary. I have quite a few articles to post and hope to get back to it next week.

Thanks for your patience.

July 25, 2005:

I just returned from the IPMS Nationals in Atlanta, and I had the BEST time! It was a pleasure meeting Mark Smith and Tony Bell, as well as looking at all the spectacular models and spending some cash in the vendor room. For some strange reason, I didn't take a lot of aircraft pictures, I guess I was too busy with other stuff. Tonight I'm just going to post some pictures of interesting models I saw at the convention. Hope you enjoy them!

July 12, 2005:

Just one not-so-little item tonight, as I preview the Trumpeter 1/48 Fw200 Condor. I've been waiting a long time for this kit, and I was not disappointed!

July 11, 2005:

The Reverend Mark Smith has a couple of interesting reviews for us:

First, he takes a look at the Tamiya 1/48 Mitsubishi Ki-46 III Dinah. This is the newer build :)

Then, he writes a nice article comparing the current Tamiya offering with the 40? year old Marusan kit. He did an amazing job on that kit oh so many years ago!

Mike O'Hare has written a build review of the Eduard 1/72 Aero L-39 Albatros for us. He wrote the in-box preview of this kit about a year ago and his high hopes for the kit were apparently justified!

And just to break the monotony of Aircraft, here is a book review from Neville Lord: Modelling the IS Heavy Tank by Nick Cortese. This is an Osprey Modelling Series book. The Author of the book has several reviews in our Armor section and he builds spectacular models!

July 3, 2005:

Happy 4th of July to all the American's out there!

Here is one more review from Larry Cherniak: This is the Flashback 1/48 Messerschmitt Me163. Not an easy build, but well worth the effort as shown by Larry.

Mike O'Hare has sent us a build review on the Academy 1/72 AH-64A Apache. He has built two of these little kits in Israeli markings.

Happy Holiday!

June 25, 2005:

Yes, I know it's been a while since the last update, but I've been swamped at work and at home.

Just to get us back in the swing of things, here are a couple of aircraft reviews from Larry Cherniak:

First, Larry shows us his Condor 1/48 Heinkel He178, the world's first jet powered aircraft. Speaking from personal experience this is a tough kit and Larry made it look outstanding!

And then Larry also shows off his airbrushing skills with the AMTech 1/72 Junkers Ju-88S with a dazzling camo scheme!

More to come, stay tuned!

Monday, May 9, 2005:

Larry Cherniak builds the Hobbycraft 1/48 Messerschmitt Bf-109B. I've built a couple of Hobbycraft kits and they are not easy, so it's nice to see Larry's skill on display with this build.

Mike O'Hare is back with another build you don't see every day. This is his Italeri 1/72 Kfir Fighter of the Israeli Airforce. Great looking plane Mike!

Neville Lord has sent us a book review on Concord Publication's title "Panzers of the Ardennes Offensive 1944-45" by Tom Cockle.

Brent has sent me a number of articles to keep me busy over the next few weeks, so thank you all for sending us some material. I will try to get everything posted as soon as possible!

Monday, April 25, 2005:

A couple of people e-mailed me this week noting that I had lost or overlooked an article they had sent in, so today I'm pleased to correct this oversight.

Mark Smith has sent us a review of Robert Mikesh's book Japanese Aircraft Equipment 1940-1945, published by Schiffer Publishing. Apparently a well-researched book with tons of pictures.

Tony Bell shows us his amazing Tamiya 1/48 P-51C Mustang. He did extensive extra work on this Mustang and it shows well in the 21 pictures Tony included with his article.

Remember that Brent will give you good stuff for the articles you send us!

Tuesday, April 19, 2005:

We need reviews! At long last, I am caught up on all my article posting. If you've sent Brent, John Roll or myself any reviews and have not seen them posted here on the website, please e-mail me immediately! If you are due any credits or goodies in return for articles, please e-mail Brent immediately! We'd love to have some reviews and I believe that Roll Models still offers credits/gifts in return for reviews. E-Mail Brent for details.

Since I don't have any great reviews to post tonight, I thought I would share some of the neat items from Loon Models with you. Loon Models is the in-house details set and accessory company from Roll Models. There are 5 items for the Classic Airframes 1/48 Gloster Meteor and 1 for the 1/48 Classic Airframes F-5:

Lo48210 - RAAF Gloster Meteor tires/wheels with wheel wells and ARN-6 Radio Compass Beacon.

Lo48211 - Gloster Meteor Mk.4, four-spoke tires/wheels with wheel wells.

Lo48212 - Gloster Meteor Mk.4 and higher, 8-hole wheels with circumferential tread tires with wheel wells.

Lo48213 - Gloster Meteor Air-to-Ground 8 rocket kit as used on RAAF Meteors in Korea.

Lo48214 - Gloster Meteor nose-mounted Air-to-air refueling probe.

Lo48215 - Northrop F-5 Refueling probes: one each for USAF and RCAF models.

Tuesday, April 5, 2005:

Matt Bittner wrote a detailed in-the-box review for us tonight highlighting the Omega Models 1/72 Kasyanenko No.5. This is a kit of a rarely seen Russian WWI aircraft in all-resin. Thanks Matt!

Scott Taylor then takes a look at a couple of Armor track sets. First is the Armour Track Models 1/35 US T-156 Rubber-Type Tracks (M1M1/M1A2).

Then he takes a look at the AFV Club 1/35 US T-158 Rubber-Type Tracks for the M1 series.

Staying with Scott Taylor, he also wrote us a review of the Wydawnictwo Militaria # 205: Panthers and Tigers in the Kursk Pocket 1943.

Thanks for visiting!

Monday, March 28, 2005:

Mike Grant starts us off tonight with the big Trumpeter 1/35 SA-2 Guideline Missile with the Trailer and Truck. Mike's done an awesome job on this model, the paint chipping is spectacular!

Mark Smith continues the theme of well-built models with his Tamiya 1/48 Aichi M6A1 Seiran. Check out the paint job on this plane, that will certainly stand out in your display case :)

Not to be undone, Fernando Rolandelli has sent us a review of the Hasegawa 1/48 Nakajima Ki-84-1a Hayate 'Frank'. Fernando has done a marvelous job on this striking fighter plane.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005:

Paul Mahoney is still busy writing book reviews, so here is his take on SAM Publications Modelers Datafile #4: The Avro Lancaster, Manchester and Lincoln.

Paul then takes a look at the Schiffer book German Aircraft in Russian and Soviet Service. This was reviewed a while back by Steve Jantscher, so it's interesting to note the different things they have to say about this book. Steve's review of this book can be found here.

Tom "Mr.109" Norrbohm has decided NOT to build a 109, as he tackles the brand new Hasegawa 1/48 Curtiss P-40E. Great looking model Tom!!!

Here's a first: Fernando Rolandelli has sent us a build review all the way from Nairobi, Kenya! He's managed to build TWO of the Tamiya 1/72 F4U-1D Corsairs, and includes a nice article. I had some trouble keeping the pictures apart, so I tried something new by placing all of the pictures at the bottom of the article sorted by airplane... I think :) Thanks Fernando, great looking planes!

Monday, February 21, 2005:

Mark Smith is back with another of his small-scale marvels. You have to check this out. I can't do work this nice in 48th scale :). Here is his Lincol/Kader 1/154 scale Short Sunderland Flying Boat!

Paul Mahoney has a couple of more book reviews for us. First is his look at the Kagero Monograph on the Brewster F2A Buffalo. Very timely review with the imminent release of the CA kit coming up. This book also includes a decal sheet.

Second is Paul's review of the Ali D'Italia book on the Fiat RS14. Looks like a nice resource for a little-known Italian Floatplane.

Tony Bell turns his attention and considerable talent to WWI aircraft as he builds the Eduard 1/48 Albatros D.III kit. Reading his review, it's comforting to see that even a modeler as accomplished as he has occasional troubles with a kit :)

Thanks for visiting!

Wednesday, February 2, 2005:

Okay, back in the swing of things... Neville Lord is back with another one of his excellent how-to articles, this time it's on applying Eduard Photo-Etch Zimmerit to those German Tanks!

Paul Mahoney has been busy writing book reviews for us again, as he looks at Red Star #6:Polikarpov's Biplane Fighters. Midland Publishing continues to publish interesting and informative books!

Paul has also sent us a review of MBI's Softcover Book on the Focke-Wulf Fw 189. I always appreciate a new reference source for those lesser known aircraft.

A visitor to this site read Neville Lord's book review on the Osprey Battle of Kursk book. He then sent us a link to an enormously comprehensive website dealing with the Battle of Kursk, which I have added to the bottom of Neville's review. Go check it out!

To finish today's update, we're happy to post Mike Grant's build of the Special Hobby 1/72 U-2S.

Thursday, January 27, 2005:

Sorry, no update this week as I've had many family and work commitments. Please come back next week!

Thursday, January 20, 2005:

We're starting today with a quick look at the Loon Models B-25J Solid 8 Gun Nose conversion for the excellent Hasegawa 1/72 B-25 Mitchell. This is a simple replacement part for the kit nose that makes an easy and effective conversion.

Steve then takes a look at the new Atomic City 1/12 Project:Mercury kit. He's really excited about this kit! I've seen it in person and it looks great.

The good Reverend Mark Smith is back with his 1/48 Tony. This is the old resin Right Staff Ki-61 I Short-Nosed Hien and he's made it look beautiful!

Staying with the Tony, we have a build review from Mike Swinburne for the Hasegawa 1/48 Ki-100 Tony. Mike explains in his article how he tackles the paint-chipping so common on Japanese aircraft.

Thursday, January 13, 2005:

We welcome James Matthews as a new reviewer! And he starts with a bang as he presents his Revell Germany 1/48 B-24D Liberator! Nicely done...

Tony Bell is back with another of his Masterworks. He shows us what he's done with the Accurate Miniatures 1/48 Yak-1b.

Last but not least, Kyle Williams has sent us a build review of his Hasegawa 1/48 A-4C Skyhawk. Very nice build Kyle!

Tuesday, January 4, 2005:

Welcome to the first update of the new year. One of the goals I set for myself this year is to post more frequent updates. So wish me luck and check back here at least once a week :)

To get us started, Paul Mahoney has reviewed three Kagero books for us:

The first one is Kagero Famous Aircraft Books #04 on the A6M2-N Rufe.

The second one is Kagero Aircraft Books #19, on JG 301 "Wilde Sau", a well-known German Unit.

Third is Kagero Aircraft Books #23, on the 68th Sentai. This book also covers the 78th Sentai.

We haven't had any Gallery entries in a while, so here is Dariusz Beck who sent us five pictures of a unique subject. I think it's a 1903 Kerry Motorcycle, but I don't know the scale or much of anything else about it except that it is a VERY nice model.

Finally, Steve Jantscher has an in the box preview for all you guys that love x planes. He shows us the Pro-Resin 1/72 Curtiss XF-15 C-1 Stringaree.

More next week hopefully!

Sunday, December 19, 2004:

Bill Faulkner has actually built one of those x-planes from Anigrand Craftswork. And he made it look great! Here is his Anigrand 1/72 Rockwell XFV-12A.

Jerry Hawhee has sent us a review of the Dragon 1/72 Sturmtiger. A well-written and informative article!

Friday, November 26, 2004:

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you out there that celebrate this Holiday!

Today update starts with Tony Bell building Tamiya's 35th scale Jeep. Tony shows us that his considerable talent for painting aircraft extends to vehicles as well.

Next, Joe Frazier shows us what he can do with another challenging build, as he tackles the 1/48 scale Classic Airframes He112 in Spanish markings.

Steve Jantscher then previews the 1/72 scale Anigrand Craftswork kit of the Northrop YF-17. Another kit you're not likely to see from a major manufacturer.

Mike O'Hare has built the Revell Germany 1/72 RF-4E Phantom. Great looking paint scheme on this one. Mike also takes the time to compare this kit to the Hasegawa offering.

Finally, Neville Lord takes a close look at the Dragon 1/35 Sd.Kfz.184 Elefant. This is an in-depth preview of the kit.

Please bear with me as I try to get caught up on some of these reviews. Thanks!

Wednesday, November 3, 2004:

Steve Jantscher reviews the new Classic Publications book on the RAF 2nd Tactical Air Force, Vol.1. Looks like another in-depth definitive aviation book from this outstanding publisher. The book is written by Christopher Shores and Chris Thomas.

Nick Cortese returns with another of his Armor gems, the Trumpeter 1/35 "S-Tank". Nick really has a knack for painting Armor. Check it out!

Saturday, October 9, 2004:

The Reverend Mark Smith presents his take on the Hasegawa 1/48 Nakajima B5N2 Kate. Great looking model!

Tom "Mr. 109" Norrbohm has sent us a very nice build review on the Hasegawa 1/32 Messerschmitt Bf-109 G-10. Another gorgeous 109!

Thursday, August 12, 2004:

Tony Bell is back again, this time with an awesome 1/48 MiG-3. He used the ICM kit and makes it sound soooo easy :)

Neville Lord has sent us a nice how-to article on Applying Resin Zimmerit Sets. Like his previous articles on assembling track links, this is a well-written and illustrated article on how to perform a difficult task when dealing with armor models.

Here's a great looking build of an older model: The Hawker Hunter in 32nd scale, built by Mike O'Hare.

Tuesday, August 3, 2004:

The good Reverend Mark Smith has sent in a build review of his Trumpeter 1/144th 'Mavis' Flying Boat. He's done this one in an unusual paint scheme that came out looking great!

Steve Jantscher returns to our pages with a preview of the Special Hobby 1/48 Pfalz D.XXII He's sent pictures of all the sprues, plus decals and instructions.

Steve also sent us a look at the Anigrand Craftswork 1/72 YA-9A. Anigrand has been very busy releasing these experimental aircraft.

Regular visitors will be familiar with Tony Bell's outstanding Aircraft work. Straying a little from the aircraft space, tonight he shares with us his Tamiya 1/48 Kubelwagen.

Sunday, July 25, 2004:

Larry Goodell has sent us three Galleries of some recent works: The first is his Republic P-47D, the second is his Messerschmitt Me-262, and the third is his North American F-86D, just to show us his versatility!

Next, Neville Lord reviews the Concord Publications - German Armored Units at Arnhem. Looks like a nice referrence source for the tread-heads out there!

And, Fernando Rolandelli has sent us a build review of the Nakajima J1N1 Gekko Type 11. This is the 48th scale kit from Tamiya. Fernando has illustrated his article with many pictures!

Thanks everyone!

Tuesday, June 15, 2004:

We start with a detailed preview of the excellent Eduard 1/72 Aero L-39 Albatros by Mike O'Hare.

Tony Bell presents his 1/48 Hasegawa Bf-109 G-10. This is another example of Tony's beautiful work with the airbrush!

And... Joe Frazier shows us what he can do with a very difficult kit as he present his very nicely built Curtiss SBC-4 from the Classic Airframes kit.

Not a lot of updates these days, as I'm terribly busy with work and family.

Friday, May 7, 2004:

Mike O'Hare takes a good hard look at the Revell 1/72 F-16. He's written an excellent, in-depth review of the kit complete with a comparison to the similar Hasegawa offering. Thanks Mike!

Mike O'Hare has also sent us a nice book review: Osprey Combat Aircraft #37: Iranian F-4 Phantom II Units in Combat.

Still catching up on my backlog of articles, Steve Hustad has sent us a preview of the Revell Germany 1/72 Fokker Dr. I Tri-Plane.

Finally, Ken Zelnick shares his first foray into multi-media kits with us as he builds the Copper State 1/48 Fokker D.V. Looks great Ken and I can relate to the first Resin kit difficulties!


Tuesday, April 20, 2004:

Work and Family have kept me really busy the last few months, and there's no end in sight! I will try to post updates a little more frequently going forward though :) Thank you all for your patience.

Just to get us back into the swing of things, Dave Pluth reviews the Italeri 1/72 SM79 Sparviero. Dave writes an great review, from sprue shots to the finished plane. Excellent!

Steve Jantscher then takes a look at the latest daring release from Revell of Germany, their HUGE 1/72 Junkers Ju 290 A-5. Go Luftwaffe!

Talk about a size difference! Steve also sent us a preview of the MAC Distribution 1/72 SPAD VII.

That's it for now, but I have a number of new reviews I need to post, so check back soon.


Thursday, February 26, 2004:

Today we welcome Joe Frazier as a new reviewer. He presents an accomplished build of the old Monogram 1/48 P-61 Black Widow. Nice work Joe!

Next, Steve Jantscher has an inbox review of the Eduard 1/72 SPAD XIII. Looks like another winner from Eduard.

Finally, Tony Bell has been very busy and he shows of his skills with Tamiya's 1/48 Me 262.

Tuesday, February 3, 2004:

Mike O'Hare reviews Art of the Flightjacket by Schiffer Publications. Mike has some really nice things to say about this reference book..

Mike has also sent us a build review of Revell's very fine 1/72 scale F-16, and it looks to me like he's done the kit full justice. This is beautiful work!

Steve Jantscher sent us a look at the Aeroclub Stretchy Thread. Looks like an excellent material for rigging biplanes.

Finally, Tony Bell presents another of his masterworks as he builds the Tamiya P-47D Thunderbolt. This is the Bubble Top version of the Tamiya kit. Tony's skill with the Airbrush always inspires me (or is that intimidate?) Amazing work!

Tuesday, January 27, 2004:

The Rev. Mark Smith presents his take on two Mushroom Model Magazine Specials tonight: First is the Red Series book on Japanese Submarine Aircraft, and second is the Yellow Series book on the Mitsubishi A6M Zero. These books are really nice reference works, I personally found the Me262 book to be excellent.

Our resident Lancer fanatic is back with a look at the Fujimi 1/24 Mitsu Lancer VIII RS.

Next, Steve Jantscher gives us a quick look at the Loon Models La-7 detail set for the 1/48 Gavia kit.

Mike O'Hare returns with a review of the book Spitfire: The History. Apparently, the title of the book is quite accurate as Mike's review is positively glowing!

Saturday, January 17, 2004:

John Valo has sent us a full build review of the MPM/HML 1/48 Bv138, a large Luftwaffe Flying Boat. This is a really outstanding looking model.

Steve Jantscher takes a look at the Loon Models P47 Cowl Sets available for Tamiya's P-47 Thunderbolt kits.

Next, Steve reviews the Classic Publications book Soviet Air Force Fighter Colours 1941-1945 by Erik Pilawskii. Another comprehensive book to buy from Classic Pubs!

For all you Armor guys out there, Steve sends you an inbox review of the Trumpeter 1/35 SA-2 Guideline Missile and Transport Trailer. This appears to be an excellent kit with loads of details. Check it out!

Now go and build something!

Friday, January 9, 2004:

Welcome to the New Year!

Our first item is a preview of the new AniGrand kit of the A-12 Avenger II. This is a resin kit in 72nd scale reviewed by Steve Jantscher.

Mike O'Hare is back with a look at the Verlinden Lock On No.1: F-104 G/J Starfighter.

Steve Jantscher also takes a look at the Classic Publications Vol 2 of the Me 163 Rocket Interceptor book.

More updates this weekend hopefully!

Sunday, December 14, 2003:

Today we start with another how-to article by Neville Lord as he explains how to assemble Link and Length Tracks on armored vehicles. These are really cool articles for all the armor modellers out there.

The Rev. Mark Smith then takes a look at the Mushroom Magazine Special on the Mitsubishi A5M Claude. This is one of the Yellow Series of book from Mushroom that I've gotten to like quite well.

Steve Jantscher has another book review for us with his take on the Classic Publications American Eagles Vol 4: P-51 Mustang Units of the Eigth Air Force.

To finish today's update, Bob Derham reviews the marvelous Academy 1/32 F/A-18 Hornet. He built the 900+ part monster and richly illustrated the article with over 30 pictures - Well Done!

Saturday, November 29, 2003:

Mike O'Hare has sent in a review of Bill Horan's Military Modelling Masterclass. Looks like an amazing book for figure modeling. Staying with Mike's book reviews, he next takes a look at a book in Jane's 'At the Controls' series on How to Fly and Fight in the MiG-29. Showing us that he doesn't just read books, Mike has also sent us a build review of the High Planes 1/72 Mirage IIIE. Turned out great Mike! James Ravelo next previews the Tamiya 1/24 Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec II. He has shots of all the sprues and other contents of the box for us. It just wouldn't be an update without something from Steve Jantscher, so here is his book review of the AJ Press Monografie Lotnicze #84 and 85: Consolidated PBY Catalina. Steve takes a look at both volumes of this comprehensive referrence.

Wednesday, November 19, 2003:

Well, the .com site is not completed yet, but I thought it was high-time to update this review site. So...to get us going today, we have a very detailed build review of the Trumpeter 1/24th scale Spitfire Mk. Vb with loads of pictures. Steve Jantscher built the model and wrote the article. Mike O'Hare then reviews a nice referrence book on the Su-25 Frogfoot by 4+ Publications. Next up is a full-build review of the Tamiya 1/48th scale Ki-46 Dinah by Fernando Rolandelli. Returning to book reviews, Floyd Werner takes a look at Brett Green's Modelling the Messerschmitt Bf110. That's all for now, more later!

Tuesday, November 4, 2003:

Sorry Folks, I'm working on re-designing the Roll Models .com site and have been unable to work on updates to the review site. Hopefully, I'll be able to return to updating this site soon!

Sunday, October 26, 2003:

We start today with a book review by Steve Jantscher, as he takes a look at the Classic Publications book P-51 Mustang: Development of the Long-Range Escort Fighter by Paul Ludwig. Adam Vukich continues our update with a look at the Toko/Eastern Express 1/35 GAZ AA and AAA Truck kits, as well as the corresponding Part Photo-Etch set for the GAZ vehicles.

Sunday, October 5, 2003:

To start us off tonight, John Impenna looks at the Revell 'Box-Scale' Wright Flyer. This looks like an accurate and very buildable kit of one of the most important aircraft ever. Scott Taylor follows this by building the Italeri DUKW in 35th scale. Even though this review only includes three pictures, the finished product looks outstanding and the text describing the build is quite excellent. Next, Ken Zelnick has sent us another civilian subject. This time it's the Minicraft 1/48 Cessna 150. He does another outstanding job on this little kit. It wouldn't be a regular update without at least one kit preview from Steve Jantscher, so here is his preview of the Roden 1/72 Albatros W.4 World War I Seaplane. Finally, Mike O'hare presents his Hasegawa 1/48 F-4 Phantom FG.1 in a very interesting and well-done all black paint scheme.

Thursday, September 18, 2003:

We have a pair of excellent articles on working with separate link armor tracks from Neville Lord. First he shows us how to use the injection-molded separate link tracks, then he follows that up with an outstanding article on how to work with Fruil Model metal track sets. Our thanks to Neville for these highly informative articles. These articles have been posted to the online builds section of the website for lack of a better place.

This may come across as somewhat self-serving, but we have a couple of previews of Loon Models sets that go into more detail than the Loon Models website itself does. First is the D-5 fillet-less fuselage for the Tamiya P-51 D in 48th scale. This is a no-cut conversion that simply replaces the fuselage halves of the Tamiya kit. Second is the same item, but this time in 72nd scale. The D-5 fillet-less fuselage for the Tamiya P-51 D in 72nd scale. Third, we have a set of replacement rotor blades for the 1/48 scale Trumpeter Dauphin Helicopter kit. Have a great weekend!

Sunday, September 7, 2003:

Today's update starts with some book reviews from Steve Jantscher. First he looks at the Classic Publications Fokker Dr.I Triplane: A World War One Legend, by Paul Leaman. He then reviews two of the Osprey Aces books, Osprey Aircraft of the Aces #55: P-40 Warhawk Aces of the Pacific by Carl Molesworth, followed bv Osprey Aircraft of the Aces #54: Rumanian Aces of World War 2 by Denes Bernad. For a change of pace, we have a car preview, the Williams F1 BMW FW24 Racer by Tamiya. Adrian Milford builds and reviews the Revell-Monogram 1/48 Spitfire Mk.II to close out our update for tonight.

Saturday, September 6, 2003:

To start us off tonight we present another Tony Bell Masterpiece. His Hasegawa 1/48 A6M3 Zero is gorgeous! Next, Steve Jantscher takes a look at the new Trumpeter 1/32 F105G Wild Weasel. I've had a chance to see the kit at my local Hobby Store, and it looks very impressive. Steve then previews two more kits from Roden. The first is the 1/72 RAF SE5a with the Hispano Suiza engine, and the second is the 1/72 Felixstowe F.2a Flying Boat. That's it for tonight. More soon!

Saturday, August 16, 2003:

I'm trying to clear up a bit of a backlog of new product reviews that Steve Jantscher has sent in, so tonight's update is a bit of the Jantscher Show: First off is his book review of Classic Publications' Patton's Eyes in the Sky - USAAF Combat Reconnaisance Missions over North-West Europe 1944-1945. That's a pretty long title, but the book appears to be quite excellent! Next he takes a look at the Classic Publications Jagdwaffe Vol 3 Sec 4, The War in Russia. Next we have a somewhat rare item... a ship preview. Steve has a no-holds-barred preview of the Panda Models 1/350 USS Arleigh Burke kit. Finally, Steve reviews and builds the Hasegawa 1/32 Fw 190 D9. I have GOT to get me on of those!

Tuesday, August 5, 2003:

For tonights update, Patricio Delfosse reviews the Panzer Tracts No.13: Panzerspaehwagen book. Then, Ken Zelnick presents his Minicraft 1/48 Piper Cherokee 140. Very nice to see a non-military subject on here for a change. Steve Jantscher then previews the Roden 1/72 Bristol F.2B Fighter.

Monday, July 28, 2003:

Today the Westland Whirlwind contest is completly updated. There are plenty of excellent models entered again. -Brent

Sunday, July 27, 2003:

Chris Crofoot has sent us a preview of the Revell M2A2 Bradley in 72nd scale. This looks like a great kit in any scale, and Chris enhances the preview with some interesting background information on the Bradley. Steve Jantscher reviews the Classic Publications book: Genda's Blade - Japan's Squadron of Aces. Steve also takes a look at the Osprey Aicraft of the Aces #52: Sopwith Camel Aces of World War I. This is the second review of this book, so now you get the benefit of having two reviewers opinions. Finally, Jose Lucero has sent us a review of the Hobbycraft 1/48th Bf-109 E-3. Great Looking 109 Jose!

Tuesday, July 15, 2003:

Tonight we present three book reviews by Steve Jantscher. All three happen to be from Classic Aviation Publications. First is Steve's review of the Jagdwaffe - Luftwaffe Colors Vol3 Sec3 book. This particular issue focuses on the Luftwaffe in North Africa, June 1940 to June 1942. The next review is Jagdwaffe - Luftwaffe Colors Vol3 Sec2, covering the invasion of Russia, June to December 1941. Last is the review of Defenders of the Reich, JG1, Vol.3. All three of these book are pretty sure to make it onto my personal book shelf.

Monday, July 14, 2003:

Just one article today, but what an article it is! Bob Derham presents his 1/32nd scale Tamiya F-14 A in a richly illustrated article.

Monday, July 7, 2003:

I got to spend a couple of nice days in Oklahoma City at the IPMS USA National Convention. I took about 100 pictures of models and stuff and have posted them here. They are in no particular order and only cover a tiny percentage of the models on display. Do not miss Talal Chouman's incredible LAV-25. It's in 16th scale and completely scratch-built. It was my personal favorite of the whole show. For more convention photos, visit the IPMS USA website.

Just to get back into the swing of things, here are some new items from our lead reviewer, Steve Jantscher. Steve reviews the Schiffer Publications book: A-1 Skyraider in Vietnam by Wayne Mutza. He also takes a look at the new Trumpeter SM79 Sparviero kit. Following those previews, Tom Norrbohm has sent us a build review of the Trumpeter 1/144 scale Kawanishi H6K5 'Mavis' Flying Boat. Finally, to close out tonight's update, we have a gallery entry from Lester Palifka with his P-61 Black Widow in a diorama setting.

Friday, June 27, 2003:

We have a coupon you can use at the IPMS National convention in Oklahoma City next week. Roll Models will have a table in the vendor room and would love for you to stop by and say hello. (The head honcho himself, John Roll, is manning the tables!)

My apologies for the lack of updates. Once again, my real job is taking up all of my time with precious little left for the family, so, the website is suffering a bit. If you have sent in an article, please be patient, I will get to all of them eventually.


Tuesday, May 13, 2003:

Starting off today's update is a book review from Mark Smith. He reviews Japanese Army Air Force Fighter Units and their Aces, a recent publication from Grub Street Publishers. Following up on the aircraft theme, Tony Bell shows us his outstanding Tamiya P-47. This is true artistry and amazing skill. (Check out the gear leg in the one close-up) Returning to the book reviews, Steve Jantscher looks at the Osprey Aircraft of the Aces #53: Fokker D VII Aces of World War I. That's all the time I have today, I start a family vacation tomorrow, so no updates for the next two weeks. Unless Brent finds some time to post an update.... Stay tuned.

Monday, May 5, 2003:

Well, it's really Tuesday, but I prepared most of this update last night. Our resident Mitsu Lancer Fanatic returns with three new car reviews. First off, is James Ravelo's Nissan Calsonic Skyline by Tamiya in 1/24th scale. He then builds, what else but the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution V WRC, also in 24th scale by Tamiya. Finally, he shares his Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII WRC with us. All three of these race cars came out looking great! To add some more cars to our pages, Allan Buttrick has sent us a couple of Automotive Gallery entries. The first is his outstanding Porsche 935/78, and the second is his great looking Ford GT-40. Then, just to round out tonight's update with something aviation related, we have a couple of book reviews from Steve Jantscher. He takes a look at the SAM Publications Book: The English Electric Lightning, a Comprehensive Guide for the Modeller. Then, he reviews the newest publication from JaPo: Aviatik D.I & D.II.

Sunday, April 27, 2003:

Steve Jantscher had an update to Scale Motorsport's Super Detail Set for the Tamiya Ferrari F2001. At the time of the original posting, he did not have the instructions for this set, and he has now included this in his review, as well as two pictures of the sheet. Mark Beckwith sent in a build review of Jaguar's Tempest Detail Set a long time ago. Not sure what happened there, but I finally found it and posted it. Allan Buttrick has sent us seven pictures of his very fine Bf-109 F. This is the old Revell 32nd scale kit. Then, Fernando Rolandelli shows us his detailed build article for the Hasegawa A6M2 Zero. Finally, I take a look at the Czech Models 1/48 Bv40, a very interesting Luftwaffe Assault Glider.

Friday, April 18, 2003:

Tonight we have a very nice build article from Floyd Werner. He got an early copy of AMTech's Hs-123, and he chose a very unique paint scheme for his Henschel. John Impenna then takes a look at a recent offering from Osprey with the: Aircraft of the Aces #52: Sopwith Camel Aces of WWI. Next, Juan Solorzano presents his Kopro 1/48 Su-22M. This article is richly illustrated with 35 pictures and shows the amazing job Juan's done with this kit. Finally, Tom Teliczan has been compiling a hints and tips article for about 2 years and he typed his fingers raw recently when he offered it to Hyperscale members and over 200 requests came in. We offered to make some diskspace available for his document and he graciously accepted. You can find it here.

Thursday, April 10, 2003:

Welcome to tonights update. Here are all the items I couldn't get to Saturday. To begin with, Steve Jantscher previews Roden's Albatros D.III and also Roden's Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.5a, both in 72nd scale. He then shifts focus to a rare ship preview with the Trumpeter USS Essex in 350th scale. To go along with this, here is a look at the Gold Medal Models PE Set for the recent Trumpeter USS Hornet. Returning to airplanes, Steve reviews the 48th scale Hobbycraft Yp-59 and P-59A kits. To close out the update, the Schiffer Publishing Ho9/Ho229 Technical History is reviewed. I have a fairly large number of articles to post so please check back with us again soon!

Sunday, April 6, 2003:

Steve Jantscher has uploaded a bunch of new stuff for our preview pleasure. He starts with an in the box look at the gigantic DML/Dragon Moerser "Karl". This thing is HUGE! Then he shows us the contents of the RV Resins Fw190 V30 kit. I've built one of the RV Resins 190's and they are perfect for the first time all-resin builder.

Sorry all, that's all I got around to doing tonight. I have two little ones at home, and I'm just out of time.

Saturday, March 29, 2003:

Last Saturday I was busy launching the new Loon Models website. This is a new company affiliated with Roll Models that specializes in resin details and conversions. Please visit their website to see what they have to offer. We will have some in the box reviews of their sets here on our site soon, with more pictures.

For tonights update, Neville Lord reviews the MBI Profiles #12: Hetzer-Jagdpanzer 38. He also previews the Tamiya Marder III M, another outstanding recent offering from Tamiya in 1/35th scale. Steve Jantscher then shows us his built up Tamiya's P-47 D Thunderbolt. This 48th scale kit from Tamiya has been all over the review sites since it's release. Please welcome Bernie Kugel to the Roll Models review team as he takes a look at the new Hobbycraft P-59 Airacomet in 48th scale. If you would like to e-mail me with any comments, suggestions or feedback, I have now linked my name to an e-mail address here on this page. Please continue to send articles for the site to Brent!

Saturday, March 15, 2003:

I'm working on formatting some full-build reviews, but it's taking some time so please be patient. Steve Jantscher has been busy, and he's sent us a load of previews of new Goodies. To start off, he shows us 5 figures from Copper State Models, that go great with that special World War I diorama. They are all 48th scale and all German: A standing mechanic, a kneeling mechanic, a crouching mechanic, a seated pilot with his arms up and one with his arms down. He continues with a look at the very nice new Tamiya T-55 tank. Going to aircraft, we get a look at the Revell Germany Ar234 C, the four engined version of the Hasegawa kit. To close it out, he has two book reviews for us: The new Classic Publications hardcover book about Helicopters of the Third Reich and another installment of the Classic Publications Jagdwaffe books. I'll get those full-build reviews posted soon.

Saturday, March 8, 2003:

Steve Jantscher starts us off tonight with a look at the Mission Models Etch Mate, a tool for folding and working with Photo-Etch parts. The second update tonight is Steve's In-The-Box look at the Aeroclub RAF Be12, a limited run, multi-media kit of an important WW I aircraft. Not sure how this happened, but I have a preview of the Tamiya M26 Pershing Tank that I've had since November of last year. Must have missed that somehow. DOH! Finally, I have managed to post Steven "Modeldad" Eisenman's Hasegawa Ar 234 review. Looks like this is not a kit for beginners!

Monday, March 3, 2003:

Well... I actually had more prepared to post tonight, but I ran into some problems.. So, here's tonight's update: Three previews by Steve Jantscher!!! The first is the Trumpeter 72nd scale Tu-95 Bear-H. The second is the PART Photoetch set for the Trumpeter 48th scale Su-15 and the third preview is the really cool looking Swedish 103B Main Battle Tank. That's a 35th scale armor kit also from Trumpeter. I'll try to post more stuff by Wednesday or Thursday.