Online Build of the Tamiya 1/350 Bismarck
Including Photo-Etched details from Gold Medal Models

Model, Text and Photos by: John Higgins




The 1/350 Tamaya Bismarck kit has been around for sometime. Many modelers have built this historic ship with varying degrees of sucess.

I believe that the most fun I have with any kit is when I open up the box for the first time and start checking out the parts. When the kit is of the quality Tamya is known for, this step in the process is even more fun. The kit contains over 254 parts molded in gray and black styrene. There are additional parts that can be used to motorize this model. I will be building this model for display and did not include them in my count.

The instructions are printed in four languages in two booklets. These instructions look pretty good at this point, but I know I will be deviating from the sequence from time to time especially since I'll be using Gold Medal Models (GMM) photo-etch with this kit.

This is a good place to mention the photo etch-set (p/e). First of all it's beautiful. The relief detail of the watertight doors and hanger doors is exquisit. The set includes cranes and crane rigging, fittings for the small boats, props and struts for the Arado float planes, armored doors and windows for the turrets,and many port hole covers.  Cable reels and a catapult and a large number of railings are of course included. I've been using Gold Medal Models photo etch for six or seven years now and I'm very satisfied with them.

 Getting back to the model, the plastic is very cleanly cast with little flash. Care has been taken to locate most ejector pin marks were they will not be visable after assembly. The detail is a little sparse on the sides of the superstructure, but the p/e set will remedy this. At first glance It looks as though the seams of the main deck may be a problem, but I'll cross that bridge when I get there.

I plan to paint the model at various stages of assembly(ship modeling is just that way), I'll be installing the photo etch along with assembly, too. This looks like it will be a fun build and I'm ready to get started.