DML 1/35 Jagdpanzer VI "Hunting Tiger" &
Jaguar Interior Kit

Model &Text by Shaun Winstanley


DML JagdTiger Stock Number: DML9036
Jaguar JagdTiger Interior Stock Number: JAG63509

The Jagdpanzer VI hunting Tiger was built to stem the oncoming threat of  Soviet armor flowing into Germany.  It was armed with the massive 12.8 cm gun built by Krupp and mounted in a fixed superstructure.  It was first presented to Hitler in October 1943, the first production type being delivered in April 1944.  Weighing 75 tons, this was the heaviest vehicle built in this era.

When I opened the box(es), I was overwhelmed with the amount of parts and with the detail put into each.  In the Tiger kit, most of the parts were in the individual track links.  The rest of that kit was actually pretty much like any other kit, just with superb detail.

With the Jaguar interior kit, I was amazed at the detail and crispness of the parts as well as the length to which they made all the parts with minimal amounts of overpour.  This kit too, was beautiful.  And having built the interior to the DML JSII tank with a Jaguar interior, I knew what to expect and what fun I would have.

Since I was basically building this kit from the inside out, I started with the lower hull and its interior components first. Everything fit as per instructions on both kits with little or no modifications. Sometimes the modifications involved grinding the resin a little thinner or shortening a piece of plastic the get the fit right.  These were always found out by dryfitting first, which is very important when using any interior kit or aftermarket product.

The most fun, as any armor builder will tell you, is building the turret and gun.  The main fighting compartment of the JagdTiger is filled with goodies.  A HUGE gun breech with lots of shells lining the walls of the inside.  Some of the shells wouldn't fit, so two were deleted to make the necessary room.  It looked beautiful afterward.  The Jaguar kit comes with its own roof for the Tiger, so the kit one has to be deleted.  Cutting was done with a hobby knife and a razor saw.  The new roof fits on top nicely or
you can remove it so you can enjoy the handiwork inside.

The suspension was built from the kit instructions and the tracks followed. No problems there.

Painting was made with a Pashe single action airbrush with modelmaster paints. Middlestone was used to get the right tone with Dark Green for the mottling.  Simple camouflage was done over the hand applied zimmerit. The tone and texture turned out nice.

The decals I used were supplied by the Tamiya set of armor decals. The numbers and crosses were applied with Solvaset and allowed to settle down over night. Then they were covered with a covering of Humbrol Flat coat. This method hides the decal film.

I did a light wash on the vehicle with a dark brown and after that dried a light brushing of sand. Pastels were finally used to give a mild dusty look.

All in all, I love this model.  It has the top spot on my model shelf. It was a fun challenge to build and the results were worth it.  I encourage all armor builders to try one out sometime. You won't be disappointed with DML's or Jaguars work.