Italeri's 1/72 Macchi MC-202 Folgore

Model, Photos and Text by: Yuri Hull

Italeri released this kit a few months ago. In the box you will find 3 sprues of plastic with recessed panel lines. I was amazed at the quality of the model, detail was very good and sharp, and the canopy can be positioned in the closed or open position.  The instructions are very easy to follow. Decals are very well printed and include versions for the 374Sq, 356Sq and 85Sq.  I really liked the way parts were arranged on sprues and the way they were positioned, It's done so there isnít a lot of work on the model and satisfaction guaranteed.

I started the kit simply by painting the cockpit and after paint has dried I gave it light wash and dry brushed some silver. The instrument panel comes printed on decals, which are very nicely done. The only detail I added to the cockpit were seatbelts made from masking tape. After that the fuselage and wing parts were all glued together, I didnít have any fit problems this model went together very well and I only used a little bit of liquid putty between the wing and fuselage joint on the underside of the model.  Then the whole model was sanded and some small parts were added and it was all ready to paint.

First I sprayed the underside with Tamiya Light Blue, then the underside of the model was masked and I sprayed some Tamiya Desert Yellow. The model was given few hours to dry and then I applied some Tamiya Flat Green on it by freehand. I decided to paint on the yellow stripes instead of using the decals so those spots were masked and Tamiya Flat Yellow was applied. When the model had dried, it was time to decal, the decal went on without any problems I only used a little bit of decal softener.

When the decals have dried the landing gears and other small parts have been painted and assembled on to the model. I made an antenna from clear stretched sprue, which was painted black after.

I spent less then 7 hours on this model, I really enjoyed it and I am really satisfied with newest models from Italeri. I would recommend this kit to any kind of modeler as it goes together very well.


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I'm sorry, but since the review has been published that product appears to have gone out of production.