Eduard Albatros DVa

By Johannes Allert


Albatros Kit Stock Number: EUK2019
Dai-Riki Thread Stock Number: DAIR8X


Upon seeing my latest creation, John Roll urged me to do a review of this kit along with a review of "Dai-Riki" wire from Japan. I built the kit pretty much straight out of the box with the exception of the brass guns, seat belt & instrument panel. I decided to do the kit in von Richtofen's markings. This was the aircraft which he was flying when he was wounded by Cunnell & Woodridge on 6 July 1917.


Before assembly, I measured and drilled holes in the wings & fuselage where I would later thread the wire thru. There was no need to angle the holes as the wire is so thin and pliable and easy to use.

The model itself goes together quite well and there are no hidden surprises in the construction. I used a combination of Model Master and Polly scale acrylic paints, although the primer was Grey Model Master enamel out of the spray can. I "blacked out" some of the wood panels with a magic marker before spraying on Polly Scale "Wood Deck Tan". Once dry, I used Future Floor Wax for a gloss coat and followed up with the panel lines. I used Burnt Siena water color paint. First I painted the panel lines liberally. I allowed it to dry. Using a Q-Tip lightly dipped in water, I worked the water color paint back and forth to create a wood grain finish.

After putting the top & bottom wings together, I threaded the wire through the wings. Upon completion, I taped the wire down and used "Tenax" to keep it in place. After un-taping, I then followed up with Super Glue to fill in the holes. Once dry, I used a scalloped X-Acto blade to cut off the excess glue and either decaled over the remaining blemishes or re sprayed paint. The trick with using this thread for rigging is to make it stand out. You can either pre-paint it by using a black magic marker. This you would do by unraveling the desired amount you need, holding it down and drawing over it. This would make it easier to see while you are rigging it. The second choice is to use a small paint brush with a small amount of black paint and painting the rigging once it is on the aircraft. Both techniques take time, but the results are well worth it.


My thanks to Ken Hornby for encouraging me to use brass etch for the guns, to Jack Mugan and Dave Weitzel for introducing me to the "Dai Riki" thread and last but not John Roll for taking my money in exchange for this beautiful kit. I can only hope that Eduard will continue to crank out more W.W. I kits in this scale. Axis as well as Allied. A N.17, SPAD family and Sopwith Camel would be greatly appreciated, thank you!