Japanese BB Shikishima

1/700 scale resin ship by Modelkrak


Japanese BB Shikishima

1/700 scale resin waterline ship by Modelkrak

Quick look review by Steve Jantscher


Resin- A


Decals- n/a

Photoetch - n/a

This is another of the excellent all-resin products from the house of "Jadar-Models". Like the rest, the resin is finely cast, capturing and retaining the fine details of the prototype without the any obvious casting defects like bubbles or warped pieces. One is supplied with an overabundance of little (well they would be at this scale) boats and gun barrels. Jadar models continues to surprise and please me with their excellent value in finely cast models. Unfortunately, they also suffer from a continuing lack of clear and detailed instructions. Below are reproduced the full extent of the instructions. These would be sufficient for a very well know and documented subject. But for a turn of the last century Japanese Battleship the instructions are woefully inadequate., I know a number of modelers like me who might buy this kit because these old BB's look funky and would make up into a very nice model, that have very little to no research material to help them build such a ship kit. I suppose one might argue that the enclosed diagram is all that any modeler might need, but I believe that would be pushing the point. This kit supplies too many boats, funnels and barrels to leave their placement up to the small two view diagram of the prototype supplied in the instructions.

Not included in the kit are painting instructions, photoetch or decals.

All the hardware (except perhaps some photoetch, available as generic railings and ladders from Gold Medal Models or Tom's Modelworks at Roll Models) is present to make a bang-up model. What is missing is sufficient "software" in the form of more detailed instructions so that any model builder can build it with a degree of certainty that the parts are going where they are supposed to.


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I'm sorry, but since the review has been published that product appears to have gone out of production.