Scale Motorsport

Super Detail Kit for Tamiya's Ferrari F2001 in 1/20th Scale

In Box Review by Steve Jantscher 

Detail set summary

Metal Parts Quality: A
Photoetch Quality: A
Decal Quality: A
Instructions Quality: A+


Where to start with this set? I must admit that when I was first given this detail set My socks were knocked off. Here were incredibly small tire valves and other parts made from turned metal. The photo etch that I could see through the clear cover was rich in relief detail, and appeared to have more than any modeler could want. Now here was a set to bring the very nice Tamiya Ferrari F2001 kit into the heavens. What modeler wouldn't want something like this for their favorite model? Included in the turned parts were machine turned rear axle half shafts, wheel locks, the tire valves, the rear horizontal stabilizer and a conical coil overspilling (what ever that is).

Once I got into the set, I found the great decals, two large sheets of different carbon fibre decal, with the cut-out lines on the rear of the sheet. Boy oh boy, somebody had done their homework. We also got those "politically Incorrect" Marlboro decals for use on an out of country race presentation.

Now rating this ought to be a slam dunk, all "A"s across the board. What could be wrong or missing with these hundreds of pieces? How about instructions! I couldn't find any in the package, but I have been assured that there are indeed instructions included in this set. One would expect, as again I have been assured, that all these detailed parts would be accompanied with an equally detailed set of instructions. I guess I was provided with an early production set, that somehow missed the instructions.

04/21/03: Recently I reviewed the Ferrari F2001 Super Detail set from Scale Motorsport. If you'll recall, I gave this comprehensive and extremely detailed mixed media detail set a most enthusiastic review. It had everything for the car, allowing one to turn an already excellent Tamiya kit into a masterpiece. Everything that is except instructions. It seemed that my reviewer's copy was missing the instructions. Without them, the set was hard to evaluate completely. I have now received some faxed copies of the instructions, and have passed parts of two of the pages on to you.

My impressions of the instructions follow almost exactly the quality of the detail set in all ways. The instructions provide full part and decal placement information. They do provide everything one would need to make full use of the detail set. My congratulations to Scale Motorsport for offering one of the best detail sets I ever seen.





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I'm sorry, but since the review has been published that product appears to have gone out of production.