Part La-7 Flaps detail set

for the Gavia 1/48th scale model kit

reviewed by Steve Jantscher 


Detail set summary
Photoetch Quality: A+
Instructions Quality A

I first heard of Part in the aircraft side of their photo etch business from my 1/72nd scale WWI aircraft builder buddies. They talked about the quality, comprehensive nature, value and thinness of product. Now that more and more of Part's new releases are coming out in "my scale of choice" I'm also starting to appreciate their quality. Eduard really has someone breathing down their backs with Part's quality. We modelers are the real winners.

This set is specifically intended for the new Gavia La-7. Included in the set are the parts necessary to build a nice set of three dimensional flaps, with lightening holes and support vanes. This is a nice addition to an already excellent little kit.



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I'm sorry, but since the review has been published that product appears to have gone out of production.