Williams F1 BMW FW24

Tamiya 1/20th scale kit


 First Look review by Steve Jantscher

Kit Summary
Catalog Number: TM20055
Plastic Quality: A
Decal Quality: A
Instructions Quality: A

It is a real joy to open up and fondle a model that truly represents the leading edge of injection molded kits. Such was my enjoyment when I first looked at the Academy 1/32nd scale FA-18C, and such is it now as I pour over the individually bagged sprues of Tamiya's latest offering to Formula One aficionados, last year's big winner, the team Williams blue and white BMW FW24 race car. This kit continues the tradition of finely detailed F1 cars by Tamiya. All the detail is there, and this kit was specially engineered to be "disassembled" just as the real cars are. Parts are included to show the car without the tires on, and with the body shell components off as well. This is a boon for diorama builders, because now Tamiya is supplying all the necessary internal structure to make such a diorama easier than ever to make. Also included (but not shown below) is one peel off piece of gold and silver self adhesive foil.

As you can see, the basic parts are molded in white and black, with just a small fret of clear parts. The plastic detail is very fine and petite. Also included is a very small fret of photo etch, and some special Michelin tire decals.

My car friends are happy to be able to build an injection Formula racer that isn't red, and the paint scheme of the Williams team is quite striking. Tamiya includes a separate two page paint and decal guide, and boy is it needed. Thankfully, the white/blue demarcation line is under a silver cheat decal, which should make the job easier that it might otherwise be, but still painting and decal placement will make or break the finished product.

As one might expect, Tamiya provides just about everything a modeler could want to make this into a show stopper. About the only thing I can think of to get that isn't included in the kit is a sheet of carbon fiber decal. Check your sources to see if the CF is even exposed to examination. Otherwise, this is a honey of a kit, and one open wheel modelers will want to add to their collection.


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