Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec II (R34)

Tamiya 1/24th scale kit


 First Look review by James Ravelo


With Tamiya having the R34 Skyline GT-R (or known as the BNR34) and other racing variants such as the Pennzoil GT-R, Calsonic Skyline, Zexel Skyline, one would think that they'd be enough to satisfy Skyline fans.

However, one more Skyline kit never hurt anybody (except their wallet). With the introduction of the R34 Skyline GT-R V-spec II which featured a carbon-fiber bonnet with NACA duct and bigger rear brakes and the "Nur" variant (named after the famed Nurburgring circuit) which was a GT-R V-spec II with an N1 racing spec crate motor which delivers more power, bigger and drilled front brake discs, different wheel rims, a different wing stay and color scheme, Tamiya has decided to produce it in kit form, to the joy of Skyline enthusiasts.

Curiously, while this kit came out at the same time as the Lancer Evolution VII WRC, I was only able to get this kit early October 2003, while I had obtained a LanEvo VII WRC way early this year. Maybe a lot of these GT-R V-spec II kits were quickly snapped up. I for one was really thankful that I decided to drop by a local Tamiya distributor with the aim of hunting down that Hasegawa Lancer Evolution IV rally car but went out the door with the only GT-R V-spec II kit they brought in for the month. Hehe.

Basically, this kit is a GT-R V-spec with the following change: it sports a bonnet with a NACA duct. The kit builds the standard V-spec II but if you want to build the "Nur" variant, there are extra parts included such as a new set of wheel rims, bigger drilled front brake discs, different wet-transfer decals (although the decals for both variants are on one sheet), different wing stay and exhaust tip. As expected from Tamiya's engineering, the details are crisply done and it's sure to please sticklers for detail, like me. Quite frankly, this is a kit worth the wait and I for one am itching to build this kit (and give a full build review) once all my schoolwork is finished.


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