Porsche 911 GT1 "FULL-VIEW"

Tamiya 1/24th scale kit

Tamiya 1/24th scale

Porsche 911 GT1, "Full-View"


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This kit is a beautiful modern reproduction of a neat looking race car. It seems that every year Tamiya comes out with new versions of previously released models, but with new markings or other different options available. This kit follows other recent Tamiya offerings in having a see through clear plastic body shell. This is the "Full-View" of the title.

One would hope that a model featuring a clear shell ought to have sufficient internal detail to make the effort worthwhile, and this Tamiya kit just barely does. As far as I can tell, there are no more extra internal detail parts in this kit from the normal production release. Instead the normal level of detail found in most Tamiya race cars will have to suffice. What does this include? A very good representation of the suspension system and engine. The cockpit is passable but could use more detail, and the area in front of the cockpit between the front wheels is of marginal detail.

The plastic parts come in three colors (black, white and chrome) not counting "clear". In addition are tinted windshield and side and rear windows. Also included is a "cut it out yourself" set of window masks and special slide off white raised letters for the four rubber tires. The decal sheet is representative of the prototype vehicle, with a wild flash of colors well represented.

Bottom Line- This will make into a nice model all by itself. To do an extra special job will require some additional research material and fabricated detail parts and various cables and wires.


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