Ferrari F2001

Tamiya 1/20th scale Kit

In Box Review by Steve Jantscher

Plastic Quality: A
Decal Quality: B+
Instructions Quality: A

Kit Summary

What's not to like about a modern Tamiya Formula One racing car kit? OK, maybe the very demanding paint schemes, but beyond that, Tamiya has rightfully garnered a warm spot in the hearts of race car aficionados with an almost annual release of last season's champion car, in kit form.

The subject of this review is the new release of last season's phenom, the Ferrari F2001 racing car in 1/20th scale. OK, so this car doesn't present to difficult a paint challenge, ALL RED! Like most of the last few year's releases, the Tamiya formula cars have some good detail throughout the car. The suspension is usually very well done, primarily I believe because of its prominence, but also the engine gets a once over in the detail department. Just enough detail to look good with the rear shell removed. Of course the tires are rubber, and while the seam isn't very noticeable, the average modeler will either spin and sand the surface to get a nice surface (minus the seam) or doll it up with stickers and chalk marks just as the real tires are before the race begins. Of note on these tires, the Bridgestone POTENZA side wall markings are provided on the tires before assembly, in a nice plastic bag (kudos to Tamiya for this). I always found the wet transfer of side wall lettering to be a dicey thing. This is really very nice. You'll also notice that some adhesive silver and gold foil is provided for attachment at various points on the kit to simulate differing materials.

While I'm not generally a car modeler, I have to admit to owning a few Tamiya Formula One cars on my "to do shelf". The one thing that is more difficult than most kits, are the many different colors the car has at any one time. The engine compartment calls out for major research photographs to comprehensively represent the myriad colors and materials present in there. Great planning is called for in the painting / construction stages of the engine compartment.

However, with proper planning and care the modeler will be rewarded with a very nice model of this important car. To really go all out in making this kit super, see the review of the Scale Motorsport Ferrari F1 2001 Super Detail Set made just for this kit. It will kick your model into overdrive.


Tamiya decals have been getting better over these last few years, but still leave a little to be desired in the thickness catagory. However, they probably will cover over the red quite well.


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