Porsche Tiger Type 180

1/35th scale kit by Accurate Armour


Porsche Tiger Type 180

1/35th scale Multi-media kit by Accurate Armour

A quick look review by Steve Jantscher


Resin- B+

Instructions- B+

White Metal- B

Photo etch- B



Accurate Armour is perhaps the best known, and most prolific producer of limited run, mostly resin armored fighting vehicle kits. They have usually filled the void in a serious armor modeler's collection with some of the lesser produced but interesting vehicles throughout the mid to later half of the twentieth century.

The subject of this kit is one of the early prototype tanks for what would be the follow-on heavy tank to the Tiger 1. Given its prototype history, this is an important vehicle to kit, and Accurate Armour has done their usual excellent job in bringing this to the modeler. From the first rate packing, to excellent instructions this is a very good kit. The white metal is well cast as is the resin. The only addition I could think of that would materially improve the kit would be a better track layout. The resin track strips will be the most difficult part of construction after the resin pour stub clean-up. I also think that the PE fret is awfully small for such an expensive kit. Of course this was not a combat vehicle so it perhaps had fewer items that could better be reproduced with PE.

This is a good kit, and ought to build up into a nice model to add to, or to start a Tiger collection.



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I'm sorry, but since the review has been published that product appears to have gone out of production.