Alkett Minenraumpanzer

1/72nd scale resin kit by Armo


Alkett Minenraumpanzer

1/72nd scale resin kit by Armo

A Quicklook review by Steve Jantscher


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This is a fine little model of a queer little German vehicle that was meant to clear a path through a mine field by running over and detonating the mines, and living through the process.

I have been consistently impressed by the new products coming out of this Polish producer of resin kits (aircraft and armor). Each example I've seen have been nearly perfect castings. No short shots and few if any surface flaws (pinholes, etc.) Perhaps that is a commitment to quality control. That fact is evident in the shipping box. Plenty of padding to protect all the many little parts.

As with too many limited production kits, the only flaw with this kit really lies in the adequate but poor instructions. One can build this vehicle with the enclosed instructions, but beyond that (history or paint suggestions) the builder is on his own. That might be a fair trade off for such a fine quality kit casting of an esoteric subject.

The major categories of the parts of this kit are the body, two big main and one small nose wheels, the many wheel pads (each individually beautifully cast) the turret and machine-guns, and finally the nose wheel two piece yoke.

Does this kit need photoetch? I really don't think so. This kit is a terrific value.



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I'm sorry, but since the review has been published that product appears to have gone out of production.