DML/Dragon 1/35th 60cm Mortar "Karl" Geraet 040

Reviewed by Steve Jantscher


Plastic A
Decals B
Instructions B+

I don't know anything about this weapon. I guess that isn't the best way to start out a kit review, but it's true. I just know that this thing really was in operation (on the East front I've been told) and that this kit is a very good representation of the real thing.

What do you get in the box to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the 1/35th '39-'45 Series? A bunch of very finely cast plastic. In all you'll get ten large trees of parts (most in their own plastic bags), a hull bottom, and for the first edition of this kit only (according to the box) a scale turned aluminum 60cm artillery shell. This is almost two and three quarters inches long. A real brute of a projectile. No wonder that this thing had to be so large. The recoil must have been massive! A couple of small springs are included to give the recoil action some movement and return to battery capability. Many of the parts are very nicely detailed, however many suffer from obvious injection pin marks. Some times the placement of the push out pin marks are so nicely symmetrical one could almost believe they were part of the original design. After close observation, most of the marks will not be visible, as most are on inside surfaces. As has been mentioned elsewhere, each and every section of track, be they single links or the short sections, have two push pin marks per link. Depending on how retentive you are, this may or may not be a problem. Their placement will allow easy working with a bit of super glue and some sandpaper.

I especially like the rivet and massive structural elements that are present in this gun chassis. The inner muzzle of the gun has petit engraved groves to simulate rifling. A very nice touch. Also included, but not shown below are two sets of very small decals with the two vehicle names represented, "Loki" and "Ziu". Ziu is a nice three tone camouflage scheme, while Loki is a dark gray. I'm disappointed that no crew is included, or a loader vehicle for that matter. Perhaps those will follow from DML. For now, this massive monster will have to do it alone. Quite impressive.



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