In the Box Reviews - Armor

There are two different types of reviews:

Quick Look: A very brief look at the box contents and feel of the kit

Preview: A more detailed examination of the kit with more pictures and discussion

Quick Look
Alkett Minenraumpanzer 1/72 ARMO
  Resin S.Jantscher 07/07/02
GAZ AA and AAA Trucks 1/35 Toko/Eastern Express
  Injection Molded Adam Vukich 10/26/03
Geraet 040: 60cm Mortar "Karl" 1/35 DML/Dragon
  Injection Molded S.Jantscher 04/06/03
M2 A2 Bradley 1/72 Revell
  Injection Molded Chris Crofoot 07/25/03
M12 155mm Gun Motor Carriage 1/35 Academy
  Injection Molded S.Jantscher 07/07/02
M26 Pershing Medium Tank 1/35 Tamiya
  Injection Molded S.Jantscher 03/08/03
Neubaufahrzeug 1/35 ARMO
  Resin S.Jantscher 07/07/02
Porsche Tiger - P2 Type 180 1/35 Accurate Armour
  Resin S.Jantscher 07/07/02
SA-2 Guideline Missile on Transport Trailer 1/35 Trumpeter  
Injection Molded S. Jantscher 01/17/04
SdKfz. 11 - Leichter Zugkraftwagen 3t 1/35 AFV Club
  Injection Molded S.Jantscher 07/07/02
SdKfz.138 - Marder III M 1/35 Tamiya
  Injection Molded Neville Lord 03/29/03
SdKfz.184 - Elefant 1/35 DML/Dragon  
Injection Molded Neville Lord 11/26/04
Sd. Kfz. 232 6-Rad 1/72 Italeri
  Injection Molded Gary Chapman 10/19/05
Swedish Strv 103B MBT 1/35 Trumpeter
  Injection Molded S.Jantscher 03/03/03
T-55A Soviet Medium Tank 1/35 Tamiya
  Injection Molded S.Jantscher 03/15/03
ZSU-57-2 AA Gun 1/35 ARMO
  Resin S.Jantscher 07/07/02