Brewster SB2A-4 Buccaneer

WWII Scout Bomber

1/72nd scale kit by RVHP


 Resin A
White Metal A
Decals C
Instructions B

kit review and photography

by Steve Jantscher



The Buccaneer sure looks like the Helldiver, and it should. It was the Brewster answer to the same requirement that the Curtis aircraft was eventually selected to fill. As a second run aircraft during a war, Brewster was still given the go ahead to start limited production in case the Curtis aircraft project didn't work out (it had a very troubled gestation period). Even so, the Buccaneer's performance was if anything worse than the Helldiver, and as such production was limited to only 771 aircraft, of which the RAF purchased 469.

I'm not sure just how many, if any previous kits of this aircraft have been issued, but this kit by the Czech company RVHP is another example of the fine resin coming out of that country. Like many limited production kits, the poorest part of this sample are the instructions, with a one page an exploded diagram, and another being a three view drawing giving the paint scheme. The resin is beautiful. The white metal is nicely cast and consists of the main landing gear. The decals aren't very good, and remind me of older kit decals from the sixties, but that isn't a very important problem as the markings will be easily scrounged from the spares box. Included also is a nicely detailed vacuform canopy. I wish the manufactures would include two in each kit for those of us who are all thumbs.

In conclusion, this is a fine little kit that should make up into a nice kit.


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I'm sorry, but since the review has been published that product appears to have gone out of production.