Me 209 V-5

1/72nd scale Multimedia kit by KORA


White metal A
Decals B-
Resin A
Instructions C+
Photoetch B-

kit review and photography

by Steve Jantscher

Not to be confused with the first Me-209 (the 1939 Messerschmitt design to set the world speed record) the subject of this kit is the Me-109 II, otherwise known as the Me-209 V5. The Me-209 V5 was the Messerschmitt attempt to fill the same void that the Fw-190 D9 / Ta-152 were destined to fill, while trying to retain about 60% commonality in parts with the Me-109G series aircraft then in production. Improvements would come in having a wide track undercarriage, annular radiator and using the DB 603 engine vice the DB 605 then in use.

As it turned out, wind tunnel tests indicated that a modified 'G wing wouldn't suffice, thus the need for a wholly redesigned wing. Many other "surprises" resulted in delays and further compromises in adopting the Me-109 to the Me-209, delaying the first flight of Me-209 V5 SP+LJ to 3 November 1943. Due to repeated setbacks and delays, as well as the promising success of the Fw-190 D9 and potential of the Me-262, the Me-209 was officially abandoned by mid 1944.

Needles to say, this is an interesting looking aircraft, and a prime example of armaments mismanagement and indecision thankfully common in the Third Reich.

KORA is an up and coming model company from Russia, and the quality of their productions continues to amaze me. The resin parts are really of top quality. The cockpit detail isn't the greatest, but is sufficient for this scale for all but the most retentive modelers. All the other castings are perfect. The photo etch isn't relief etched, but again, in this scale it doesn't matter. The simple decals are printed on some thin looking carrier film, but appear rough, and not crisp, and lack swastikas. The tail wheel is a nice "hard" white metal casting. Also included is a paper printed instrument panel.

I would have liked two vac-u-form canopies, vice just the one provided. As is usual, the decals aren't anything great, but are sufficient for this kit. This is another great kit from KORA, and when built up will look very nice in a stable of '109s.



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I'm sorry, but since the review has been published that product appears to have gone out of production.