Kamov Ka-60

1/72nd scale plastic kit by Amodel

Quick Look by Steve Jantscher


This is a fairly modern helicopter, first flying in 1998. Given the state of the Russian economy, it is a wonder that their aviation industry can produce a new aircraft beyond the prototype stage. I am not familiar with this aircraft, and it's current operators. The markings supplied in the kit use both Soviet stars and the Russian tricolor fin flash.

This is advertised as a limited edition kit, perhaps using low pressure injection techniques as the parts trees are characterized by very thick spru runners and attachment points. The detail isn't as fine as that found in Tamiya or Hasegawa (or even Eduard) kits, but is recessed. There is flash evident on many parts. Most parts are very solid, and a bit thicker than the standard today. Some of the small windows have a pebbly surface texture and will require sanding and polishing to make clear. Two rocket pods are provided.

The instructions at first glance appear to be just so-so. Upon further study everything is there in the three exploded diagrams; painting and parts placements. Also included is one whole page devoted to part placement and numbering on the parts trees. This feature is usually only found on better manufacturer's kit instructions.

The decals remind me of those supplied with old MPC and ICM kits of the mid seventies. Not very thin and with a very dull coat finish. Very much first generation decals.

This kit has potential, but will require a fair bit of work to get cleaned up and ready for assembly. In that regard, this kit reminds me of some limited run vacuform kits.

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I'm sorry, but since the review has been published that product appears to have gone out of production.