Ju88 H-4 Mistel component

1/72nd scale kit by Kora


Junkers Ju 88H-4

Carrier for anti-ship Mistel 3B

1/72nd scale multi-media kit by Kora Models

Quick look by Steve Jantscher


Resin- A

Instructions- A

Decals- C

White metal- A

Photo etch A



This is the long bodied Ju 88 H-4 used as the lower (weapon) component of a Fw-190 directed Mistel aircraft. This is one of four versions of the Ju88 "H" series which were the ultimate attempt at long range reconnaissance and Zerstörer operations. The "H-4" was to attack and engage Allied long range convoy escorts (PBYs and B-24s). As history turned out, they never became operational, and the few prototypes built were converted to Mistel aircraft.

This is a beautiful kit, with very finely detailed polyurethane (resin?) and white metal parts. The photo etch is also very nice, and fairly comprehensive. Even the instructions are a step above the usual East European example by being very detailed and explicit.

My only criticism falls in what wasn't provided. While the vacuum formed canopy ought not to be too difficult to cut away from the excess, a second one is now almost derigueur. In addition, the decals, which look "iffy" don't offer much in the way of markings other than as a Mistel component aircraft. As these aircraft never attained any other operational status other than as Mistel components, the limited markings seem appropriate. Also missing is the Fw-190 fighter component of the Mistel aircraft, and Kora recommends either the Revell or Hasegawa kits. They even provide the experimental over wing Doppelreiter fuel tanks developed for the long range missions envisioned for this Mistel combination.

All in all, this is an excellent kit! This does not appear to be a very difficult kit and even though it isn't in my personal favorite scale, I hope to add this soon to my collection. It will make up into a very interesting and detailed kit.


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I'm sorry, but since the review has been published that product appears to have gone out of production.