MAC Distribution 1/72 S.P.A.D. VII C.1

Review by Steve Jantscher


The S.P.A.D. (Société Anonyme pour l'Aviation et ses Dérivés) VII first became operational in late 1916 as a successor to the Neuports that were then arming the French Air Force. Stronger and more maneuverable, the 'VII could reach speeds of almost 120 mph. Named the "Flying Machinegun" by France's leading ace Georges Guynemer, the S.P.A.D. VII was soon able to take the fight to the air forces of the Central Powers. The 'VII became so successful after its introduction that it was manufactured by many companies, and became the mount of many aces.

The MAC Distribution S.P.A.D. VII 1/72nd scale kit is a recent addition to the world of available WWI model aircraft. Having just reviewed the excellent Eduard 'XII, this kit sauffers by comparison, but still stands as a great example of what Eduard kits were like just a few years ago. The kit is multi-media, by which I mean it has some photo-etch (instrument panel, rudder pedals, seat belts etc.). As a lilited run type kit, it is molded on one sprue, and suffers from slightly larger than normal ejection gates to the pieces. The detail is still very nice, but the few recessed panel lines are just a bit soft and the fuselage halves are thicker than normal, which is to expected from a low-pressure injection molded process.

The PE is very nice, and will add a bit of crispness when used. The decals are in registration, and appear to be sufficiently opaque. They are some where between slick glossy decals (which I like) and the flat finish ones (which I've learned take more care to apply without silvering). There are markings for three aircraft, one flown by Lt Armand Pinsard of Escadrille 26 and (camo scheme over cream), Captiano Giorgio Pessi of 91. Squadriglia ( a linen, cream and ivory scheme with green and red under wing panels) and finally a neat looking dragon motif on linen and cream scheme aircraft flown by Adj. Marcel Henriot, of the Black Dragon of Escadrille Spa. 65.

This is a nice little kit, and ought to build up to be a real looker with some applied modeling skills.

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I'm sorry, but since the review has been published that product appears to have gone out of production.