Roden 1/72 RAF S.E.5a with Hispano Suiza Engine

Review by Steve Jantscher 

Kit Summary
Catalog Number: ROD72023
Plastic Quality: A
Decal Quality: C- (off register and ragged blue edges.)
Instructions Quality: A-

This is the same basic kit of the SE5a that I reviewed back in April. The only difference in this kit is the inclusion of a different engine detail spru (shown below) and of course decals and marking instructions for another nine fighters. The engine face part shows a slight sink mark that will prove difficult to fix. Otherwise, the rest of the new parts are as the earlier kit, nicely molded. Again we receive nice decals, ruined by mis-registration. At first I thought I may have had one or two duds. All companies sometimes produce out of register decal sheets, but after reviewing a number of Roden sheets, (especially noticeable on RFC / RAF roundels because of the white outer rings) I'm forced to come to the conclusion that their decal sheets aren't to be relied on. On this example I don't know if it is the white or the blue that is off register. Check out the red center dot placement on the small roundels! Another poke in the eye concerning the decal sheets is that some of the edges of the roundels are ragged. I guess the good news is that other than the roundels, the sheet decals look to be thin and glossy. If one can score a supply of after market RFC roundels, these problems disappear.

This kit will make up a beautiful model of the SE5a work horse of the RFC. Thanks go to Roden for this variant!


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I'm sorry, but since the review has been published that product appears to have gone out of production.