Roden 1/72nd RAF S.E.5a

reviewed by Steve Jantscher 

Kit Summary

Plastic Quality: A
Decal Quality: B+
Instructions Quality: A-

This is the new SE5a kit from Roden. The kit is cast in the standard light grey plastic which seems to be a bit soft as plastic goes. It won't take too much sanding to get things right. Unlike some other Roden kits that I've reviewed recently, this kit shows no flash, and if anything, the spru gates seem a bit more petite, which is especially important for 1/72nd scale kits. Three cockpit combings are provided, as well as two propellers, which leads me to assume that more variants will be boxed by Roden, but are also available in the box now, for those who know what mods fit which aircraft. You have to hand it to Roden, you're getting more than most kit manufactures provide the builder.

The SE5a has never been my favorite WWI airplane. It was a workhorse, and never had the attractive paint schemes that some French and especially German aircraft sported. Four green over linen schemes are provided for in the decals, one aircraft flown by Billy Bishop, Maj. Edward "Mick" Mannock (the cover ship), Lt W. G. Claxton and Capt. A. Beauchamp-Proctor. Also included, but not photographed below is an instrument panel film.

There really aren't too many pieces to this kit (no exposed engine), and it ought to go together fairly well. No special rigging directions are provided. One will have to use their own reference material, or the fairly detailed cover painting to provide guidance.



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I'm sorry, but since the review has been published that product appears to have gone out of production.