Roden 1/72 Bristol F.2B

 reviewed by Steve Jantscher  

Kit Summary
Plastic Quality: B
Resin Quality: N/A
Decal Quality: C+
Instructions Quality: B

This is another in the growing line of WWI subjects from the Ukrainian model company Roden. The Bristol Fighter (aka. "Brisfit") was arguably one of the best Allied fighters of the Great War. Strongly built, and able to turn quite quickly, when fought as a fighter (and not its originally designed mission as a scout / recon type) it became justifiably famous. This boxing is another of the Roden "Aces" series, with one set of markings and the box top art depicting the aircraft flown by the Brisfit's top scorer, Maj. Andrew Edward McKeever. He scored all of his 30 kills while flying the F.2B. In all there are markings and schemes provided for seven different aircraft, two white and the rest green.

The kit is very representative of the recent Roden production history. The fabric detail, and other externally visible details are nicely represented. The kit suffers from more flash than one would like. The decals are colorful, and seem sufficiently opaque to go over a dark green scheem without a darkening effect. However, on my copy of the decals, the white was out of register, leaving the over white ring surround of the wing roundels noticeable off round. These decals are also of the "flat" finish variety. I've never had good luck making such decals smooth out after application. I have no experience with Roden decals, so take this as a "half" warning. The instructions are complete except in giving a rigging diagram. For that you'll have to go to your Albatros Data File Specials 16 & 17. Those references will also help in super detailing the kit if that is desired. the interior of the fuselage is nicely represented by raised internal sidewall bracing, and will be a nice foundation for add-on detailing.

Finally, this is a very nice, and economical representation of the venerable Brisfit. There is plenty of detail in the kit just as is, and also a good start for those who like their aircraft super detailed.

one of two such sprues


Look at the detail in that engine. Also note the optional armament provided


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I'm sorry, but since the review has been published that product appears to have gone out of production.