Roden 1/72nd Albatros D.III

reviewed by Steve Jantscher 

Kit Summary
Plastic Quality: B
Decal Quality: A-
Instructions Quality: B-


The Albatros D.III is a well known and well liked mid war WWI fighter. It has good lines and varied color schemes that lend a challange and give satisfaction to the model builder. This kit is another in the growing line of excellent 1/72nd scale aircraft of WWI from that Russian company Roden. The plastic is a light grey, sort of soft in feel, with the large spru gates typical of low pressure injection molding. The four sprus show a fair bit of flash, whose cleanup will only add to the build time. The surface detail is mostly raised fabric effect, with just enough recessed panel lines to show this kit's modern heritage.

As you can see from the shots below, there are supplied parts for different versions of this aircraft. I've included a shot of the box back, which provides a painting guide for one of the included paint / decal schemes. All told there are markings provided for eleven different aircraft, the cover aircraft flown by Oblt. Rudolf Berthold, Lt Karl Alimenroeder, Lt Karl Schaefer, Lt Lothar von Richthofen, Lt Manfred von Richthofen, a "green dragon" unknow pilot plane, "Vera" again flown by an unknown pilot, Lt Bruno Front, Oblt Erich Lowenhardt, Lt Werner Voss w/red heart and white tail, Lt Joachim von Bertrab and his purple plane with red & yellow ribbon. This is a very good kit, and will provide a nice canvas for some of the wildest and most striking paint schemes to ever grace an aircraft. These kits from Roden represent great value for the money!





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I'm sorry, but since the review has been published that product appears to have gone out of production.