Revell of Germany 1/72nd Blohm & Voss Bv 222 V-2

reviewed by Steve Jantscher 


Kit Summary

Plastic Quality: A
Decal Quality: B-
Instructions Quality: A


This thing is BIG! As flying boats go, the BV 222 was a big bird, with six engines and a take-off weight of 45 tons, it had the legs for far reaching trans Atlantic flight. With such capability, it is no wonder that it would find a place in the Luftwaffe.

As a model, this is also a big bird, with a length of almost 20 inches, and a wingspan of over 2 feet. The plastic is light gray, and while it looks like the soft Airfix plastic of years past, this is sufficiently hard, but not brittle like some of the plastic from the east. Some of my samples' parts were broken off from the sprus, but were found in the bags surrounding all the trees. The recessed panel lines are very crisp and of uniform depth and thickness. The surfaces of the plastic exhibit no deformities, and are smooth.

As you may tell from the photographs, the fuselage is without a cockpit section, this being added later. I don't know enough about the '222 to know if this indicates future variants are on the horizon, or if the plane was too big for the box. I suspect the later. The clear parts are sufficiently thin. Given the large size of the kit, the engine wing section is cast separately, which may lead to additional work to clean up, but until one attacks the kit, it's anybody's guess. One has the option to show the aircraft with the floats down, and the mooring gear in place. This might make a nice diorama possibility.

The instructions come in the standard RoG style, a twenty page, 71 step pictograph style, printed on poor (recycled ?) paper. They look comprehensive, and the construction does not appear overly strange or difficult. What is nice is that the instructions include a parts layout diagram. I wish all manufactures did likewise. It certainly makes finding that special part easier.

The decals are workman like. Nothing great, but nothing bad either. They are however printed "flat", which always makes me wonder how they'll lie down, and how the clear parts of the decal will disappear. The paint scheme is pretty basic, your standard dark greens over light blue (RLM 70, 72 & 73 over 65). What is interesting is that the cover, and the instructions show and tell of a "winterized" Viking used on a special rescue mission to Norway, however no specific painting guide for this interesting scheme is provided.

From what I understand, this kitting has been long anticipated. Flying boats aren't my kettle of fish, but as a model, this is a bold and strange departure from the sleek combat aircraft most of us model. Resources are slim, (grab your William Green Warplanes of the Third Reich and read the six pages on this plane) but a few recent addition to Roll Models catalog are the Schiffer book SB0295-7, #122 BV 222/223 Flying Boats and the Trojca soft cover "book" plan set MHT10 BV 222 Viking. See my recent review of this plan set, also at the Roll Models review section of the web site.

This is a neat kit, and other than the decals, presents an excellent model.

wing tops with turret holes

wing bottoms


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I'm sorry, but since the review has been published that product appears to have gone out of production.