Special Hobby 1/48 SPAD VII, C1

"French and Italian Aces"

reviewed by Steve Jantscher

Kit Summary
Catalog Number: SH48009
Plastic Quality: B-
Resin Quality: A
Decal Quality: A-
Instructions Quality: A


Not much needs to be added to the history of the SPAD line of aircraft. With the VII and the XIII, this aircraft series became the mount of many Allied aces. This kit provides the markings for three of them, Sgt. Georges Guynemer red crane #2, Adjutant Maxime Lenoir "Trompe la Mort" and Capitano Fulco Ruffo di Calabria in a scull and crossed bones motif. These are very nice markings and the decal sheet looks to be sufficiently thin to lay down well. I can't vouch for the density of the colors, but most will be placed on the light linen varnish, so that should not present a problem.

The plastic spru gates are quite thick, and may present a problem to the unwary, and will definitely require more clean up work. In this respect I see this kit as where Eduard kits were a few years ago, however some of the fine detail work, especially around the engine on the fuselage, is better than Eduard of yesteryear. It is quite good! The parts are well cast, with recessed detail, but the flash and large gates will require plenty of careful detail work. The inclusion of resin bits and a small photo etch fret only add to the quality and value of this kit. I don't know enough about the specifics of the SPAD series of aircraft to know which other SPAD marks the part is intended for, but Special Hobby provides an extra (different) radiator for a possible follow on kit. The instructions are excellent in every way.

Overall, this appears in the box as an excellent kitting of the subject.




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I'm sorry, but since the review has been published that product appears to have gone out of production.