Special Hobby 1/48 Pfalz D. XII "Late Version"

Review by Steve Jantscher


Kit Summary
Catalog Number: SH48024
Plastic Quality: B+
Decal Quality: B
Instructions Quality: A-

The Pfalz D.XII was a late war addition to the German fighter force. Initially looked down upon by its pilots as "not being a Fokker D VII", its high top speed, robust build and high speed diving abilities soon eased the disappointment of her pilots at not having the 'D VII. While not as maneuverable as the D VII, it was found to be a successful late war fighter, and in the hands of experienced pilots, it could and did make a good accounting of itself. With between 750 and 800 type XIIs manufactured, there were many survivors at war's end, and many found there way to the victorious forces for testing.

This kit by Special Hobby represents the "late version". I'm not sufficiently knowledgeable with this aircraft to be able to tell you what the differences might be, however the inclusion of two different rudders might be indicative of one of the differences.

Like most kits by Special Hobby, the kit is a mixture of resin, photoetch and injected plastic. The details are all raised, but since there really are no "panels" to speak of, I believe this correctly represents the wing and fuselage surface details. The resin bits are nicely done, and together with the photoetch will add considerable detail to the cockpit area. I was especially impressed with the guns. Die hard modelers will want to substitute after-market sets, but the kit plastic guns will dress up well with proper painting and washing.

The kit looks to be easy to build (after aligning the wings and adding the bracing wires). The instructions look to be sufficient, even including a pane devoted to the rigging. Markings for two different aircraft are included, both white tailed birds, but with different "flashy bits". Wing lozenge type decals are provided, and while they all look to be in register, I can't vouch for how well they'll go on. I'm also not an expert on the "right" shades of color, but I'm sure if they are used, it will look like a WWI German aircraft.

All in all, this is just one more offering adding to the joys of those who love WWI subjects in quarter scale.


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I'm sorry, but since the review has been published that product appears to have gone out of production.