Wydawnictwo Militaria # 142

Junkers Ju 86

reviewed by Mike Horchler



The Wydawnictwo Militaria series of soft cover books are a little frustrating to me, in that the books are extremely useful, but all of the text is in Polish, so you tend to miss out on all the narrative.

Most of the books in this series are around 50 pages stuffed with reference photos, scale plans, color profiles, and histories of the planes and variants. There is a ton of useful information, and fortunately, all of the photo captions are in both Polish and English. Overall, these books are very valuable to modelers and should be an essential part of every reference library.


The Junkers Ju 86 book consists of 60 pages of text, filled with black & white pictures of the various versions of the Ju86, captioned in English and Polish. There are also a number of detail drawings of the interior. The jacket insides, both front and back, contain color pictures of a surviving Ju86 in a Swedish air museum. Page 61 has a chart with Technical specification about the various sub-types. Following that are 9 pages of line art side view profiles of the major types of Ju86's. The next section has fold-out plans of the airplane in 72nd scale, including cross-sections, very useful to the scratchbuilder. Closing out the book are 8 pages worth of color profiles of various Ju86's.


At around $18, these books represent good value for your modeling dollars. The plans are especially valuable and the color profiles, captioned photos and detail drawings all combine to make you forget that you can't read the text. I highly recommend this book.





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