The English Electric Lightning

A Comprehensive Guide for the Modeller

by Richard J. Caruana

reviewed by Steve Jantscher



This volume is the seventh in the series of very detailed guides for the modeller (as the British write it). There frankly isn't much available covering the Lightning, and what there is, is hard to get. Following in the footsteps of a successful series of books, this 128 page volume is divided into roughly four sections, history of the aircraft, the aircraft in plastic (modelling the Lightning), camouflage & markings and numerous appendixes. Also included is an eight page fold-out of detailed 1/72nd scale plans of different versions of the Lightning.

Roughly there are approximately 69 b&w historical photos of the jet, 157 color photos (the vast majority of which are very close-up detail "type" photographs), numerous photographs of model parts, accessories and decals. Even more detail drawings showing the differences between marks, and fine detail scrap drawings. Also included are over forty full color side profiles. These are especially impressive given the beautiful and colorful schemes the Lightning wore.

This is a great addition for any modeler who will ever contemplate building a Lightning. I still have an Airfix kit waiting to be built, and with this addition to my modeling library, I might start it soon. I know I wasn't the only modeler waiting for this book's release.









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I'm sorry, but since the review has been published that product appears to have gone out of production.