Red Star Volume#7:Tupolev Tu4

Soviet Superfortress by Yefim Gordon and Vladimir Rigmant

reviewed by Steve Jantscher


This book covers the strange and twisted history of the Soviet Union's first modern strategic bomber, the Tu-4 (NATiO code word "Bull"). This is the aircraft that was a direct copy of three B-29s that were forced to make emergency landings at the then nonbeligerent Soviet Union. This is really a fasinating history, of the resources of one country trying successfully to copy the most advanced aircraft of another country. But that is only a small part of this book, much more is told of the role the Tu-4 played in Soviet hands.

One of the strengths of this 127 page softcover book is the wealth of detail photographs (a handful in color) of the various Tu-4 and spin-off subtypes variants. One of the subjects that I noticed first after examining this book, are all of the things that were hung under the Tu-4 during it's history. Everything from test engines to podded self-propelled guns. This book covers the heart of the cold war period, and reveals much information for the first time to western readers. This is a good solid reference work in a much neglected field.










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