Kagero # 6

Jagdpanzer IV L/48

reviewed by Neville Lord



The Jagdpanzer IV, with its low profile and strong frontal armor, was well suited to the stand-up defensive battles fought by the Wehrmacht during the final year of the war. Originally designed as a replacement for the Sturmgeschutz, this vehicle instead assumed the role of a tank destroyer primarily with the Panzer and Panzer Grenadier divisions. The Jagdpanzer IV was produced with both the 75 mm L/48 Pak 39 and later the longer L/70 75mm Pak 42. This title focuses solely on the earlier L/48 series.


This book is clearly aimed at modelers with plenty of the sort of detail modelers ask for. The focus of the book is on the AFV’s technical development and features and there are plenty of line drawings and museum photos. The book has a well-structured format that makes it easy to find specific information when using it as a modeling reference.

The opening section presents the history of the Jagdpanzer IV with dual Polish and English text. While essentially a summary of existing research, this section presents the information together in an accessible style (without the need to translate from the German).

The next, and largest section contains over 60 colour photos of the Munster museum’s restored Jagdpanzer IV. These photos are well sized and systematically address most, if not all, relevant angles of the Jadgpanzer’s exterior. I can see these photos being very useful for modelers wanting to detail their kits.

The third section is a 7 page series of mainly b/w photos of two 1/35 Revell/Dragon Jagdpanzer IV kits. About half of the photos are of an unpainted kit that has been detailed with Aber’s etched metal and provide a useful guide as to how etched metal can enhance a kit. The section does not review the kits (you can find these on Track-Link).

The last section contains a very comprehensive and impressive series of line drawings by Krzysztof Mucha covering both the early production and the later production versions of the Jadgpanzer IV L/48. The five pages of 1/35 scale plans include the traditional 4 views (front, rear, side, top) of both versions, as well as 3D birds’ eye perspectives, that give a good indication of how the vehicles actually looked. A further 5 pages provide 1/17.5 drawings of small details such as the changes to the front plate and muzzle, the suspension, road wheels and tools.

Colour profiles of 9 Jadgpanzers are included on the front and back covers and a bonus decal sheet by Techmod is also provided. Unfortunately the decal sheet doesn’t relate to the Jagdpanzer IV and while no instructions are included for it, many of the marking will be familiar to readers.


Kagero’s “Jagdpanzer IV L/48” provides a very useful handbook that has filled a gap in my library. The combination of a history of the vehicle, plenty of colour museum photos and superb scale drawings make this title an ideal technical reference on this Jadgpanzer. Well recommended.

Related Kits

* Dragon’s Jadgpanzer IV L/48 (item 9021) is generally considered to be the most accurate 1/35 scale kit of this subject. It is an early production version.

* Tamiya’s Jadgpanzer IV can be made as an L/48 but is not as accurate as the later Dragon release.


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