Ali D'Italia, Serie Mini #3

Fiat RS 14

reviewed by Paul Mahoney


The RS 14 was a floatplane used in small numbers, with moderate success, by the Italian Air Force during WW2, both before and after the armistice. This is a small (25 page) softcover publication (A4 size) on good quality semi-gloss stock covering the brief history of this aircraft. There are black and white photos throughout the text, one color 3-view on the inside cover, and one color photo on the inside cover. A review of the 1/72nd scale kit issued by Aviation Usk is also included, along with suggested modifications which is a nice feature. Evidently this book was published before the resin 1/48 scale kit by Massimodels was released (or perhaps they just weren't aware of it?).

The text follows a dual-column format, one side being in Italian and the other in English. At times the translation is a little rough, but it is all perfectly understandable. I can't imagine having too many other English sources for this somewhat obscure aircraft! There is a brief discussion of the development of the aircraft and some of it's unique attributes (like a removable weapons 'pod' under the fuselage for carrying depth charges or torpedoes). Following this is another brief discussion of the operations of the RS 14. The final sections deal with the technical aspects of the aircraft, and in here are some interior photos of the cockpit, gun stations, engines, and various other details that should prove helpful to the modeler. Also included are plan views in 1/72nd scale of the production RS 14, as well as 1/96th scale side views of other variants.

Bottom line: small, but useful resource for the RS 14. Probably one of the only English language references specifically dedicated to this aircraft. Worth having if you are interested in building a model of the RS 14.



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I'm sorry, but since the review has been published that product appears to have gone out of production.