Osprey Modelling:

Modelling the Messerschmitt Bf 110

by Brett Green

reviewed by Floyd S. Werner, Jr.


The Messerschmitt Bf-110 was a very significant aircraft during the Second World War. The author, Brett Green, known for his excellent website, www.hyperscale.com, as well as, his books from Eagle Editions, includes every version of the Bf-110 in 1/48th scale. Brett discusses the shortcomings and attributes of each kit. Once these formalities are out of the way he and Chris Wauchop model them for you. These artists take you on a step by step building process. Along the way you are introduced to various techniques for pre- and post- shading, painting, weathering, working with resin, photo-etch and presentation. Between the two builders, they use most of the aftermarket stuff available. The models are beautiful renditions of the real thing.

The book itself is a soft bound book with over 80 pages of information. The text is an easy read. I read it in two sittings. The builds are discussed in the text, but for those of you inclined not to read the whole text, the photo captions discuss in details of what is being done. This is a nice feature as a quick reference.

Brett and Chris build the Fujimi Bf-110C/D in flight, the Fujimi Bf-110C/D as an E model in an all-black paint scheme that is wonderfully done. The techniques for achieving this weathering is worth the price of the book. Then the Revell/Monogram Bf-110G series is covered in two article, first as a relatively out of the box offering and then as a super detailed model with all the aftermarket stuff you can put into one of these kits. If the names of Meteor, Aires, Eduard, High Flight and Squadron are in your aftermarket stash then you will find this book a worthy investment. Learn the shortcomings of the sets before you tackle them and have to learn for yourself.

There is a section on presentation, using accessories such as the Verlinden Compass Rose and some figures that offers hints to spruce up the look of model. This accessory section has a listing of decals, resin and photo-etch that is or has been available in the past. I think that some of the out of production items will be reissued based on this book (take note Squadron). There is a reference section for further reading. Finally there is a section on camoflage schemes that includes color plates that look nicely done.

This is a very complete offering covering this significant aircraft in 1/48th scale. Don't let the fact that it only covers one scale fool you. The techniques and practices can easily be used on any scale and any model. This book will serve the modeler well in improving his techniques.

I highly recommend this book and if you are looking for motivation to start one of these kits this is it. Review copy supplied by MBI.

Modeling the Messerschmitt Bf-110, $17.95, published by Osprey Publishing and distributed by MBI Publishing Company in the US.

Available in bookstores everywhere, through Classic Motorbooks at (800)826-6600 or on line at www.motorbooks.com (ed.) or at Roll Models, of course.


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